About Us

About me

Today Neo Cakes is a new and exciting brand in cake making. It’s something different, something new.

I love to use fresh and tasty ingredients at every bake, as I think this is the key to delivering and creating delicious cakes. If they look great, you must ensure they taste great too, and then you’ve got it made!

My Passion

Neo Cakes was created from a loving passion of mine for baking, which after some time of trial and errors, I decided to create and launch Neo Cakes. Since the start of my cake business in 2010, I am proud to say it is steadily growing in products and hopefully you like what you see and eventually taste.

I have now introduced cake pops which are fun for children and are also becoming popular for adults at weddings as wedding favours. I also do birthday cakes for all ages. See my Cake Pops section and Cakes section for fresh ideas.

Since the opening of Neo Cakes, I have made cupcakes for birthdays, christenings, engagements and weddings. Whatever the occasion, Neo Cakes would love to be part of your day.